What are the advantages of using an expired domain?

Irrespective of the reason a domain expires, it still has several benefits for individuals and companies that buy them. There are several expired domains finder plugins which are capable of scanning an URL list to extract domains. Check the extracted domains for availability and high metrics before you use them.

At this point if you are thinking why go to all this trouble for an expired domain, you are ignorant to the world of SEO. There are several advantages associated with an expired domain. Still wondering how? The information below will make it more knowable.

Do you know what an expired domain name is?

Sometimes either due to sheer oversight or carelessness you might miss on renewing your domain name, as a result it expires. Then there are also times when you realize that owning a website is not profitable and hence not renew the domain name, once again leading to its expiry.

The internet is all about getting traffic to your website. A new domain will take time to be recognized and hence the traffic directed to it is limited; whereas an established domain has a loyal clientele which will become yours if you buy it. Of course you can’t strike gold with every domain that the expired domains finder locates.

Expired domains and its many benefits

If your expired domains finder is able to identify and locate expired domains in the same niche as your own business, you are in luck because of the following reasons:

  • High page rank value: The chances of a pre-existing domain having a high page rank value meaning the page has more links from other websites is high; this is possible only if the website was immensely popular or important. A brand new domain can never equal the page rank value of the expired domain. This is beneficial for the company as it reduces the time, effort and money spent on marketing, promotion and building of backlinks.
  • Additional backlinks: The importance, popularity and search engine ranking of a website is often related to the backlinks available to it. The more backlinks it has the higher in the pecking order it is. For the company that buys the expired domain to build additional backlinks from this stage is far simpler than when compared to a new domain.
  • Prevent penalization: When new companies use promotional techniques to build their website and garner traffic, search engines give them low ranking. But when you use an already existed domain which has a history, you can avoid this penalization.
  • No hassle of registration: Having a unique domain name is sure fun but it is laborious to check first and foremost if anybody else has registered a domain with the same name; then there is the process of registering the name and finally the back breaking work of promoting and building backlinks. By buying an expired domain you can avoid all the above hassles and focus on improving the page rank, building additional backlinks and building a domain with a better value.
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Expired domain traffic and you

Your expired domains finder has located an expired domain suitable to your niche and you have purchased it, great. But does the story end here just because the previous owner has done all the hard work, established backlinks and page rank and saved you the trouble of registering a new name; no it doesn’t. If the earlier owner of the expired domain name had done a commendable job of promoting his website then there is still a sizeable amount of traffic that will come your way; this traffic is known as expired domain traffic.

Always stay in the loop

If you are considering buying an expired domain then you should have the latest updates on that domain. After your expired domains finder extracts a domain name find out when the domain expired, what is its page rank and how many backlinks it has and what is their value. Sometimes you might have to bid for the name in an auction.

Several domain names expire each year, with the help of your expired domains finder choose a domain that is suitable for your business and backorder it.

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